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Pongal Vacation is from 14th Jan to 18th Jan, 2020. School will reopen on 20th Jan 2020. Computer Practicals for Grade X is scheduled on 13th Jan 2020.
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Chairperson's Message

Most of us will consciously or sub-consciously admit about the proven notion that there is no dearth but only a striving need to unearth immense potential in any individual from the childhood itself. To translate this need into execution, one has to have a disposition of mind that this unearthing

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Principal's Message

Making child a responsible & civilized citizen is I think more noble than teaching him. In the modern scenario, where mothers are working & joint family system is declining, our children are spending more time with electronic gadgets than their families, going far away from emotions and sens

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Take a tour in Blooming Buds Public School and you will find the best school in the state.



The School keeps strict watch on children to maintain a disciplined life for a bright and successful career in the coming future.

Future Leaders

Future Leaders:

Our School teaches the value of Team Spirit and leadership qualities to students for a bright and successful future.

Moral Values

Moral Values:

Great values are built on strong moral foundations. Children with moral values become legends in life.