Making child a responsible & civilized citizen is I think more noble than teaching him. In the modern scenario, where mothers are working & joint family system is declining, our children are spending more time with electronic gadgets than their families, going far away from emotions and sensitivity. There is no one with them when they fell restless, help them in solving their dilemmas and tell them the pros and cons of various ways they likely to follow. 
It is very sad that our children are losing their innocence much before time. 11 or 12 years old child now behaves like 17 & 18 years teen. I think it is an alarming sign for all of us. 
So at this movement of time it is our Primary Duty to educate their mind & channelize their energy in right direction to make them a useful member of the society. 
For this I personally feel, mothers have to take a big responsibility in the upbringing of their children, but this doesn’t mean that father’s have no role to play. They are very important to make the child emotionally stronger and bold enough to face the world. 

“Let us start correcting the child, Not by changing but accepting him, Not instructing but guiding him. Allow him to choose his path but Enlighten him with knowledge & wisdom “ 
With this aim our school works in nurturing every child’s talent with quality education & uplift the values such as love, honesty, obedience, sharing, truth & trust. 

May God evoke his blessings on us so that we may grant our children a good parental care & in built strong human values in them.

With regards, 
Mrs. Rashmi Gandhi